Search Smart - Three Things To Look For In A People Search Company

People searches are an increasingly popular way to conduct business and reconnect with old friends. But a people search is only useful if it is accurate. There are three areas - data quality, customer service, and company history - where consumers can look to be confident that the searches will contain information they need.

Point 1: Data Quality

The main factor for data quality is completeness. Completeness means the number of search resources, update frequency, and how far back the data goes, and also how much information is included in the search report. People search companies are essentially data aggregators which access a huge range of public and private records to compile the search report. Determining data quality can be difficult, but there are some general questions to ask before running a search:

o How frequently are their records updated? The databases which the people search company use have to be updated often in order to provide accurate information. A good search company updates their records at least every two months.

o How far do those records go back? Many state and federal records go back to the 1950s, while some phone databases are only good for that year. Make sure that the people search company's data goes back far enough to provide a complete history.

o How many, and what type, of resources do they use for a search? This information is almost always confidential, but they should be able to tell you in general whether they have state-by-state information, national databases, and what kinds of databases they access.

o Is their information tested for accuracy? A reliable people search company conducts independent tests for the quality of source information they use. The exact testing procedures are different between companies; ask what process they use to verify that their data sets are accurate.

o How much information is included in the search report? Some people search companies only provide the last three mailing addresses and no phone number; others provide all data available for the past ten years, plus current contact information. Request a sample report to find out whether you will get enough information to work with.

Point 2: Customer Service

Not every search is successful at the beginning; some return no results or return too many for the person to identify their query with any certainty. The people search company's customer service can make the difference between a fruitless and successful search.

Most people search companies only offer email or online support. Look for a people search company that provides an "about us" page and direct contact information, including a phone number. A live service representative can explain difficult portions of the search report or help with technical problems. Some better people search companies even provide an extra service to work directly with search experts who conduct manual searches based on custom criteria. Better service can translate into much better accuracy for a person search.

Point 3: Company History

The threshold to become a people search company is low - essentially just buying a CD of old public records and setting up a website. The only way to determine whether the company is reputable is to do a little research. Look for a few different kinds of company information:

o Better Business Bureau ratings. Many people search companies have "unsatisfactory" ratings with the Better Business Bureau because of poor data quality or customer experiences. A good rating with the Better Business Bureau indicates better quality.

o Time in business. Many people search companies have been in business less than a year. The more time a company is in business, the better their resources and experience.

o Company standards and code of ethics. There are no standards or industry groups for people search companies. Each company sets its own standards, so check out its website for defined limits, such as not performing searches for minors, celebrities, or law enforcement personnel.

What to Search For

Doing research - or just asking direct questions - about a people search company provides a measure of certainty the people search report will contain accurate data. Checking the data quality before running a report increases the likelihood that you receive the information you're looking for, while checking into the company's background and service policies ensure that you have a satisfactory experience.

US Search people search and background check services provide accurate information, which helps customers make informed decisions.

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People Search Pros

Search and Expose, the people search pros, will teach you all you need to know... about doing a People Search anyway. Whether you're searching for a first love, deadbeat dad or mom, person who owes you money or somebody you'd just like to find, the best way to go about it is by doing a people search. Or is it?

We will share with you different people searches available and what makes them effective or not. Also, what is it that makes a people search a good deal; is it price, quality of the search, information retrieved? You probably guessed it, they're all correct. There are many factors that make a People Search work for you, regardless of what or who you're looking for! I'm sure we'd agree, anytime you search for something, you want to find it fast, effectively, and accurately. Take search engines like Google or Yahoo for example, if they made it difficult or took a long time to find the information your looking for, no one would use them. That might change how we obtain information, wouldn't it?

The first type of people search we'd like to tell you about, are those of the Free Search variety. These are typically search engine based people search programs. Some of the more popular ones include Yahoo! People Search, Zaba Search, White Pages and Google People Search. I know free sounds great but there's the old saying, you get what you pay for. Which in the case of free search engine based people searches, isn't much. We've conducted numerous people searches on these websites mentioned and came up with the same results every time, inaccurate, outdated, and often times just plain wrong information! The price is right on this type of people search but if you'd like to find the exact location and other important information of the person you're looking for, this one isn't even close to your best bet.

The next kind of people search is a Public Records Search. The companies doing this type of people search usually offer a free search giving you a tidbit of advice to get you tantalized and wanting more information. Once your interested they then "up sell" you on a more in depth report of what you're looking for. Some of the more popular public records search companies are U.S. Search and Intelius. These and many other public records search companies are fairly inexpensive, yet are just a cut above a free people search. You're probably wondering how can this be? This sort of people search comes from public records available to anyone. The tests we conducted provided more in depth information than the free reports, but not any more up-to date or accurate than a free search. You'd expect to get more accurate up-to-date information if you're paying for it, right? Well it just isn't the case when it comes to public records people search.

The final category of people search is called a Private Investigator Search which is by far the best kind of people search available today. The reason we're able to say this is the best method is because with this type of people search you'll receive:

-The most comprehensive information available anywhere

-accurate information that is current and up-to-date

-personal service insuring your satisfaction

-verified reports guaranteeing the information you receive is 100% correct

Private Investigator Searches are head and shoulders above any other type of people search report. They are conducted by companies such as Search and Expose with licensed and bonded private investigators. Your personal private investigator goes to work on your behalf conducting diligent research using public records and more importantly private records, accessed through a special program only available to private investigators. These private records expose many of the hidden facts not provided by free search engine or public search records and it's 100% legal. The cost of a private investigator search are typically two or three times the cost of a public record search, however the information is hundreds, if not thousands of times more valuable! One other important fact to consider is, when you utilize a private investigator search, you get a live person who is going to verify that the information searched and exposed is accurate and the person you're searching for is found. It is peace of mind knowing you'll have this precise information gotten for you, saving you hundreds of hours of time, research, and money. So if you're looking to search and expose quickly, effectively and properly the first time, every time, people search using a Private Investigator Search today!

Christopher Bartella is a professional website developer. He has extensive knowledge and experience in internet businesses and marketing. His awareness and expertise in the field marketing research and education is second to none.

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Why Are You Googling? Search For What You Want With People Search Companies

Looking for a person can be quick and casual with a search engine - but surprisingly difficult to get accurate results. Search engine results, depending only on matching website text, often returning too many irrelevant results or none. Not helpful.

A person search has a completely different basis of information and much more flexibility in its approach to names, greater accuracy for contact information, and a broader amount of personal information available. For a lot of situations, a professional people search is what can ferret out the information you need.

People searches fall into one of two categories: either finding information about a person or
locating where someone is.

Searching for a person is one of the most common reasons to use a search engine. According to a 2007 panel discussion on people searching (featuring Google and three social networking sites), about 30% of all search engine searches are to find people. Based on usage information from search engines and social sites like Facebook, there are several billion searches every month to track someone down.

The common method is to enter a name in a search engine or social networking site and then ... wait for a response. This is an inherently limited system:
o If a person's name doesn't appear on a web page, then a search engine won't return it.
o If a person hasn't joined a site like MySpace, then there's no way to track them through social network sites.
o If a person's listed name is slightly different, then there won't be any results. This is especially tricky with initials, nicknames, married names, or middle names.

A Pew research poll shows that user behavior can make the results even less successful. Roughly 92% of searchers use between one and three search engines. Each search engine has a different way of processing results, so a listing could be on the first page of one search engine and on page four of another. Some place paid ads ahead of the most relevant results. Using a small number of search engines limits the search results for a person even more because the results are tied to a single search algorithm.

Above all, search engines look for information that is available on the web. If someone doesn't voluntarily supply that information, in the precise format or name you're looking for, then the search is fruitless, either because there are no results or too many to narrow down.

A search has to return current, accurate information about the specific person being searched for.
When you sit down to search for someone, you really have three questions:
o What kind of personal information are you looking for? Most personal information (like criminal histories or complete address histories) isn't available on any website.
o What kind of information do you need to know in advance? Search engines return thousands or millions of matches for a single name. You have to know the precise name that someone used at all times to get complete results; initials, nicknames, and maiden names change search results.
o What results does a search engine give? Even if you can find someone through a search engine, you have little control over what kind of results come back.

A person search company looks at public databases, not websites, to gather information, and these databases are updated frequently, every month or two. This means you can find specific, relevant information about a person. If you're trying to track down a lost friend or run a background check on a potential employee, the errata on the web doesn't help you answer the core needs:
o Current address and home or cell phone number or an address history
o Background information, such as college and military records, marriages or divorces, children and support, or civil judgments
o Criminal history
o Employment records and major assets

By relying on public and private records, professional people searches report vital information which are not available through a web search. This information is more accurate because it is updated often and more complete because it doesn't depend on people self-reporting their information.

Most important, a professional people search can recognize different names (aliases) and known relatives and friends.

Let's say you're trying to track down a high school buddy. This friend lives with two roommates. No landline is listed in his name, but the utility bills are. He doesn't belong to a social networking site or have a personal web page, and his company keeps employ contact information behind a firewall. A search engine or white page search won't return any information, because they're limited to websites and years-old landline phone listings. A professional people search company, on the other hand, has access to a variety of public and private records. Additionally, a people search can recognize aliases, meaning the results can show that J. C. Smith, John Smith, and Johnny Smith are the same person, based on cross-referencing other public records.

And if you need help, a professional people search company has experienced support staff to help with more difficult and extensive searches.

Web search results are often too limited for many kinds of searches or to find sufficient - or sometimes any - information about many people. Whether it's an employee background check or a search for a lost college friend, a targeted person search through a reputable people search company may be the only way to track down necessary (and accurate) information.

US Search people search and background check services offer accurate information, which give customers what they need to make informed decisions.

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Free Vs Paid People Search Sites

When you type 'people search' in Google you get 315,000,000 competing sites. Trying to figure out which one to use for your search could get overwhelming. That is why I have compiled a list of people search sites - Free and Paid.

Free People Search Sites are great if you just want basic information on someone or just need an address or phone number to look up a lost friend. Complete addresses, phone numbers, email, age, relatives, even photos can all be found for free. It's always a good idea to start your people search
with a free search site. Many sites claim to be free, the catch is the search is free but the information will cost you. Never pay for basic information on someone!

Paid People Search Sites are for in depth information. If you need to do a background check, find lost loved ones, personal, court, marriage, public records, etc. If you're an employer needing to a background check, or you got a shady neighbor, or want to check out your new boy/girlfriend or babysitter, then paying for the detailed information might be the way to go for you.

Here are the best People Search Sites below. Both free and paying. These are the best and most popular.

1. Free & Instant People Search
If you're looking for basic information on someone. This site is totally free and gives current information. You do have to register (submit your name and email address) before getting your search results, but that is a small price to pay for complete and current people search results. There are also alot of links on the site to other people search sites in case you don't find what you're looking for.

This site is free but also has a paid option if you get serious about it. is more for grown-up social network users to reconnect or keep in touch with family, friends, lost loves, and colleagues. Basically, MySpace for grown folks. They got over 32 million registered users and get over 1 million new members per month. The coolest thing about this site is you can actually find out if or Who Is Searching For You!

You have to pay for this service but it is well worth it. is the premier online service for people search. They are one of the largest owners of public records data in the U.S., with billions of records that span the last 40 years. You can search for people free but the search results will cost you. The cost ranges from $2.95 - $40. Rest assured, if you pay this site, you will get your money's worth.

Nick Matzorkis launched this site in 2005 and has literally reunited millions of long lost friends and family members. This honestly is a free people search site. All U.S. postal addresses & telephone numbers revealed free. Three-times more listings than white pages phone directory. Search by Name. Results include: public records, white pages, all U.S. addresses, phone numbers, yellow pages and more.

Pipl claims to be the "most comprehensive people search on the web". Pipl finds high-quality results in pages that cannot be found on regular search engines. Basically, if anyone has ever set up a myspace or facebook account or has an online presence of any kind, this is a good search site. If you're searching for your long lost grandmother, then I would check out another people search site.

6. labels themselves as an information commerce company that provides consumers and businesses with predictive intelligence for important everyday decisions. Use Intelius to make choices about people, businesses and assets. Intelius and InfoRegistry are about the same. You can't go wrong with either one.

If you're trying to find someone's address or phone number, sometimes the easiest way to go about it is to use a reverse phonebook lookup. Usually, all you have to do is type in someone's phone number, and you'll discover who belongs to that phone number and what their address is (if they're listed).

Free people searches:

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Free People Searches

'PEOPLE SEARCH' IS HUGE! FACT: 30% of all searches on Google and Yahoo are people search related - and Growing! This is a quick guide to finding people and information about people for free. These free and instant people search methods sometimes require a little work and patience. However, they do work, and usually work well. When searching for information on someone, you want to have as much information as possible on hand. Even if you only have a name, you can sometimes find out quite a bit about a person.

To get started with the most basic name search, go to the people search page. If you have other data to search by, select the appropriate type of search on the navigation menu on the left or use the links across the top and bottom of each page. From email search, to address search, phone number search, and even personals searches, we have all the people search bases covered. Many of these services are free. The quickest and easiest way to perform a people search is by using Free and Instant People Search. You may be amazed at the amount of info you can find out about a person. Simply enter the name and state of the person you are searching on. You will be required to register by entering your name and email, but it's a small price to pay for free people search results.

When searching for information on someone with a generic last name like Smith or Jones, enter as much of the full name that you have, and use quotations. Also, enter additional terms for city, job, or any other information that may be related to that person.

Find lost family and friends with a people finder. A free people search finds people based on first and last name, and state of residence. Some of the results on this search are not free. You may need to use the paid service in order to deep search on the person you are looking for. If you do not want to use a paid service, try the free people search.

Don't pay to find people online! Get Free &

Instant People Search at:

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